© Photo by Petra Peters

Ernst Spaan is a Dutch freelance photographer, visual artist and musician based in the city of Nijmegen.

He studied (Art) history, cultural anthropology and photographic design. He has lived in several countries and travelled a lot for work and leisure, igniting his interest in other cultures and lifestyles. Ever since he got his first camera (Olympus Pen EE-2) in his teens, he has enjoyed taking pictures. Recently he started work on photography more professionally.  

He is particularly inspired by people, nature, Eastern philosophy and various art movements, such as Expressionism and Surrealism. By creating conceptual aesthetic images, he aims to address societal issues such as the human impact on the environment, and transformations in lifestyles, human relationships and mental states. He is interested in the layered human psyche and how emotions and perceptions manifest itself in behavior and expression. 

His photographic imagery explores the boundaries between photography, painting and graphical art.

Next to photography, Ernst enjoys exploring cities and desolate places, music festivals, meeting people, making and composing music (guitars, flutes, keyboard, vocals), playing pinball and cooking Asian food. He also writes poems once in a while.